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Image © Craig Fuller

THE ORATOR By Marietta Kirkbride

Theatre West 2016

Projection Design:  Callum McCutcheon 

Set and Costume: Oliver Harman

Suspense, wit, poignancy and real angst, this writing and performance had it all in abundance. The Orator is a play that boldly places the internet centre stage, almost as a character in its own right.  A play for our times.  **** Stage Talk Magazine

In a world where online writing packs such a punch, Kirkbride’s one-woman play has a whole lot of relevance. This compelling piece of theatre deserves a wide audience. Bristol 24/7

Jenna helps people. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, when life strikes you a blow, Jenna is there for you. 

Jenna’s also smart. She knows that opening up her life to the whole world has its dangers. But when David’s comment lands on her blog, the temptation to find out more is impossible to resist.

Using AV technology to integrate off-stage characters, The Orator is a messily human thriller about the struggle of self-help and online identity.

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